Hockessin Sanitation, Inc.

Residential Trash Removal

Serving Communities in Hockessin &
North Wilmington, Delaware

Family owned &
operated for over
forty-eight years.

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Hockessin Sanitation, Inc
P. O. Box 222
Hockessin, DE 19707

9am-4pm MTRF
Closed Wednesday

We accept

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Curbside Recycling Collection

Things to Remember:

  • Rinse all glass, metal cans and plastic bottles.
  • Products contaminated with food or human waste goes in the trash.
  • Do not put trash in your recycling container.
  • Yard waste is a compost material and should be put out on yard waste collection days.
  • Fast food containers are trash.
  • Although you may have recycled your batteries, filters and electronics at the Recycling Center, those items are not recyclables in our Curbside Recycle Program

You may download PDF copies of the 2019 calendar:


2019 Calendar for Monday-Thursday Customers


2019 Calendar for Tuesday-Friday Customers

Hockessin & North Wilmington recycling

Hockessin & North Wilmington recycling  Recycling in Delaware

Acceptable & Not Acceptable Recycling Materials

Hockessin & North Wilmington trash collection
Recyclable materials

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